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Back ZetFarma - A Kuehne+Nagel Company

As a leading pharmaceutical and medical-based organization in Turkey, we use our experience and resources to bring people and goods together with innovative and customer-oriented solutions. With our strong brand and experience in the sector, we produce alternative solutions for different and special applications of our business partners.

ZetFarma was established in 1992. It has been solely focused on Pharmaceutical and Medical Logistics for 24 years and ZetFarma is known for its superior experience in the industry.

Today, ZetFarma is headquartered in Esenyurt, Istanbul, Turkey.

In 2017, ZetFarma was acquired by Kuehne+Nagel, one of the world's leading logistics providers. With their global support and expertise, ZetFarma has became a leader in Pharmaceutical and Medical Logistics in Turkey.

We configure the areas we have allocated for the use of business partners in accordance with the needs of our business partners and regulations, and in these regulated areas we have below services;

  • Warehouse Services
  • Distrubition Services
  • Secondary Packacing Services
  • 2D barcoding & Track and Tracing System
  • Bonded Warehouse Services